Performance and Curatorial (2012)


Between 1: Hayley Newman and Trisha Baga March 30th, 2012

Between 2: Annika Ström and Louise Adkins June 8th, 2012

Between 3: Ruth Barker, Helen Collett, and Lois Macdonald, September 21st, 2012.

Between was funded by Manchester Metropolitan University and the Arts Council of England. It was a partnership project with the International 3 and the Cornerhouse in Manchester.

Curated by Louise Adkins in association with the International 3, Laurence Lane, and Paulette O'Brien.
Between was a program of performance art commissions at the Cornerhouse, Manchester designed to take place in the empty galleries as they appeared between exhibitions.

original Between program held at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (1969 – 73) was used as a curatorial model to investigate how cultural institutions can include the artist or performer as an agent in the initiation and creation of an alternative exhibition program.
Between commissioned performance works by Hayley Newman (UK), Patricia Baga (USA), Annika Ström (SWE), Ruth Barker (UK), Helen Collett, Lois Macdonald (UK), and Louise Adkins (UK).