Performance (1998 - 2006)

Performed and Exhibited at the CCA, Glasgow; the Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh; Sculpture Court, Edinburgh; International3, Manchester; The Arches, Glasgow; the Bury Art Gallery, Philadelphia International Festival of Visual and Live Art, USA; and Expo 99, Nottingham.
Between 1998 and 2006 Louise Adkins worked with the artist and architect Lisa Le Grove under the name Lisa/Louise.

This collaborative practice was predominately performative. Dance and synchronised routines featured heavily in this interventional public art practice.


Experience the Difference

Performance (2006)

Centre of Contemporary Art (CCA), Glasgow; The Embassy Gallery at Edinburgh University, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh

Duration 02:30
Experience the Difference was commissioned by the Centre of Contemporary Art (CCA) in Glasgow for the exhibition The Magic of Real Life in Real Situations. It was also performed at ET TU Tribute, The Embassy Gallery at Edinburgh University, Sculpture Court.

Experience the Difference was a performance that re-enacted original dance routines from selected Michael Jackson’s pop videos. Lisalouise collaborated with a composer to create a musical re-working of the referenced Michael Jackson tracks for grand piano to accompany the dance performance.


Performance, Film

Streamed from the west coast of Scotland to the Arches Gallery in Glasgow

Duration: 23:27
Helpmehelpyou was a live performance of semaphore code, which utilised online streaming to communicate the semaphore-signed message to a variety of locations simultaneously.

The message was made up of platitudes and advice taken from a variety of self-help books that address the anxiety and stress of modern life.

Somethin’ Stupid

Performance (2000)

Originally presented in downtown Philadelphia and later exhibited as part of the exhibition Stuffed, Stuff Gallery, Bethnal Green, London.

Duration: 24:00
Somethin' Stupid was commissioned by the Philadelphia International Festival of Visual and Live Art, USA.

The performance of semaphore code was presented from the roof top of a multi-story building in downtown Philadelphia throughout the duration of a weekend. The semaphore display signaled the lyrics from Frank & Nancy Sinatra's song Somethin' Stupid.