Notes for a Performance - Revisioning a Smoky Meeting

Performance, Exhibition, Publication (2017 – 2019)

Performances and Exhibition: The Tetley, Leeds (2017), Tample Bar Gallery, Dublin (2018), and Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art (2019).

Duration: 25:00

Publication: Notes for a Performance—Final Draft, Wild Pansy Press, The University of Leeds

Image credit: Photographers Jonathan Purcell & Louis Haugh

Holden Gallery Interruptions Link
Notes for a Performance - Re-Visioning a Smoky Meeting was the culmination of a six-month artist residency at the Tetley in Leeds.

Working with The Tetley’s (uncatalogued) corporate archive this work focused on performance art practice as a means of embodying heritage sites and historical collections. The performance challenged fixed historic chronology by acknowledging the impossibility of understanding historical collections, asserting that any reading of the past can only be understood in the present and embodied ‘now’.