Between 1

Performance and Curatorial (2012)


Between 1: Hayley Newman and Trisha Baga March 30th, 2012

Between 2: Annika Ström and Louise Adkins June 8th, 2012

Between 3: Ruth Barker, Helen Collett, and Lois Macdonald, September 21st, 2012.

Between was funded by Manchester Metropolitan University and the Arts Council of England. It was a partnership project with the International 3 and the Cornerhouse in Manchester.

Curated by Louise Adkins in association with the International 3, Laurence Lane, and Paulette O'Brien.
Between 1 brought together artists Hayley Newman (UK) and Patricia Baga (USA).

Trisha Baga presented 'Pedestrian Mysticism', a piece that blurred the lines between video and performance. Using video projection as a set, a prop, and a character, Baga took on the roles of director, screenwriter, editor, actor, and location scout.

Hayley Newman presented 'Facing' a solo performance about the face, expression, and how we relate to each other. Worn-out dishcloths with individual faces embroidered on them were expressively animated, each replacing the artist's own face.